Electronic Dump Valve (BOV) Performance Atmo Diverter

Electronic Dump Valve (BOV) Performance 'Atmo Diverter'.

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Electronic Dump Valve (BOV) Performance Atmo Diverter

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Electronic Dump Valve (BOV) Performance 'Atmo Diverter'.

* Retains Factory Electronic Solenoid for fast response.
* Aids evacuation on standard and modified higher boosting engines.
* Gives that satisfying audible 'Whoosh* like a BOV kit.
* Easy fitment with all hardware provided.
* Fits all models of Megane 4 RS

When fitted to the factory electronic valve boosted air is diverted to the atmosphere (rather than being recirculated) when the throttle is shut, hence the term 'Atmo Diverter'. This quick release of the pressurised air not only enhances the response, but also gives that satisfying audible 'whoosh' which is usually only achieved by replacing the electronic valve with a more expensive dedicated BOV kit. With the 'Atmo Diverter' we have taken advantage of the modern day electronic valve to retain a lightning response, whilst still delivering that turbo car presence that's offered by a BOV kit.

CNC machined from 6061 Alloy and finished in black for that stealth appearance. The kit includes all hardware for an easy fitment, plus we have included silicone blanking caps for those that wish to fully the remove the factory recirculating pipework. (see picture 2)

Q) My car has been tuned, will this affect the performance or require the car to be tuned again?
A) No, the 'Atmo Diverter' will not affect any standard or tuned vehicle. No tuning adjustments will be required after fitment.

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