Clio 200 / 220 EDC Performance Induction System


The ultimate in induction systems for your Clio 4 RS EDC, as used on our 275 BHP Conversion.

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Clio 200 / 220 EDC Performance Induction System

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The ultimate in induction systems for your Clio 4 RS EDC.

This kit was developed for our 275 BHP Conversion and it completely removes the restrictive alloy turbo intake pipe that is present on the Clio 200 EDC models. The 220 Trophy models were improved slightly by Renault, but our kit still offers a far better solution for those owners also. The original restrictive intake pipe strangles the air flow at higher rpm and or increased boost pressure. Simply bolting on an aftermarket filter will make small improvements, but does not remove the restriction.

It features full 3" (76mm) pipework from the factory air box to turbo inlet, with a custom made CNC machined tapered alloy turbo adapter that also acts as a 'venturi' to speed up air flow into the turbo. The pipework size is increased in area by a staggering 85% over the most restrictive part of the alloy intake on the original Clio 200 pipework!

The engine breather is relocated away from the intake pipe to prevent 'Oil Mist' from entering the boost circuit on higher boost pressures. This oil mist has the effect coating the internal pipework and intercooler whilst reducing the fuel octane value during the engines combustion process, not a good thing on a tuned car!

This kit is compatible with cars fitted with standard or hybrid turbo chargers and is also a must for cars featuring other upgrades such as tuned ECU's.

Please see dyno graph image for back to back test on a tuned Clio 200 EDC vs the stock intake with a performance panel filter. Our kit makes improvements at both low end and upper rpm areas.

The kit includes:-

3" (76mm) Reinforced Intake hose.
CNC Machined Alloy 'Venturi' Turbo Adapter.
Replacement BOV to Intake hose
Breather Pipework and Filter
Hose Clips and Fixtures
JR Performance Panel Filter For OEM Airbox*

* The JR Filters are optional although required over the standard paper element. Please select the required option from the drop down box.

Fitment is straight forward, directly replacing the OEM parts and it can be put back to stock at a later date if required.

Fits both right hand driver (RHD) and left hand drive (LHD) vehicles.

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