Megane Sport Performance Engine Build (Level 1)

Level 1 Performance Engine Build

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Megane Sport Performance Engine Build (Level 1)

£2,119.00 exc. VAT    £2,542.80 inc. VAT   

Engine Dynamics are renowned for their engine building and supply many engines worldwide. We can supply engines, arrange delivery / collection and offer fitting services if required.

This engine build is suited to Fast Road and Track Day cars, but is also equally at home in the STD vehicle.

This engine features Forged Pistons and OEM ARP replacement Rod Bolts for increased strength and reliability.

A full strip down / inspection and chemical clean of the engine, which is then treated to a blue print build by our experienced engine builder with the new parts as listed below:-

Forged Piston Set
MLS Head Gasket / Seal set
Cylinder head Refurbishment
Hydraulic Lifter set
Head Bolt Set
Lower Engine Gasket / seal set
Arp Con-Rod bolts
ACL Race Crankshaft Big Ends
ACL Race Crankshaft Mains
Crankshaft thrust washers
Timing Belt Kit
Oil Pump
Water Pump
Sundries, Paints / cleaners etc

Price shown is for the customer to deliver their engine to us, we can arrange a price for full fitting on request. Please note we can also fit other items i.e. Hybrid Turbos and clutches etc. at only the cost of the parts whilst working on the engine. Please contact us for further details.

Price is applicable to a serviceable engine, we can advise the customer on inspection or for more details contact us.

Please note that due to so many various engine specifications we only list a few examples. Please contact us if you have other requirements.

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