Electronic Boost Solenoid (N75 Valve)

OEM Replacement Electronic Boost Solenoid (N75 Valve) and fixtures

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Electronic Boost Solenoid (N75 Valve)

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OEM Replacement Electronic Boost Solenoid (N75 Valve) and fixtures.

This valve is located between the turbo and actuator and controls the turbo boost pressure via the engine ECU.

With the demise of the original part number from Renault we have been testing alternative solenoids and produced this kit to provide a solution for Megane 2 RS owners. Due to a different orientation of the valves ports we supply new high temp silicone pipe to enable a quick plug and play fitment. These valves have been tested on the dyno vs a new original item that we retained and perform the same.

It is becoming increasing common that we are seeing cars with faulty problematic valves. This can lead to boost pressure spikes which can damage the engine or in some instances the turbo cant achieve enough boost, hence lowering engine performance.

The valve is one of the items that we recommend changing if you are planning to visit us for tuning session. Fits all models of Megane 225 and 230 i.e. Cup, Trophy, R26 and R26-R.

** Buyer Beware ** There are cheap replicas / copies of these original valves circulating the internet which do not operate as the original item. Our valve solution has been tested and proven to perform the same as the original as mentioned.

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