High Temp Professional Engine Sealants

Professional High Temp Sealants for getting the job done right 1st time!

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High Temp Professional Engine Sealants

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We have a range of 2 sealants for specific areas of engine. Both are high temp and professional grade i.e. the same as we would use in house.

Reinzosil - This is a permanently elastic sealant and would be used to seal gaps. In regard to the Renault Engines this would be used to seal the end crankshaft main bearing cap, sump applications and can also be used to smear on paper gaskets i.e. water pump for extra sealing if the block is corroded or similar.

Reinzoplast - This is a non setting sealant and is designed for use on machined mating surfaces such as cam covers and gearbox casings. This will not split or crack like some sealants.

In general both sealants are resistant to:-

Antifreeze / Coolant

Rated to -150 and +300 degrees C.

Both are supplied with a dispensing nozzle for accuracy. Buy separately or as a pair.

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