Catcams Solid Lifter / Lash Cap Set

Set of 16 Solid Lifter and Lash Caps

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Catcams Solid Lifter / Lash Cap Set

£499.00 exc. VAT    £598.80 inc. VAT   

Solid lifters are usually required for certain camshaft profiles and extremely high reving or boosted engines. (8200 rpm + and 2bar +)

In such engines the original lifter can go soft and therefore prevent consistant contact between the cam follower and cam lobe. If this occured the engine would not benefit fully from the cams profile and be losing power.

PLEASE NOTE - In most instances Catcams items are made to order and delivery is usually 14 days, we will update you once we receive your order. In respect of these items we ship the solid lifters first so you can measure the required lash cap thickness for each valve clearance. You then inform us of the clearance and the lash caps which are produced to suit. The cost of the item includes additional postage cost to send the lash caps at a later date via Royal Mail.*

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