ECU Immobilser Code Transfer Clio & Megane (Sagem 3000)

Immobiliser code transfer service for Clio and Megane Sagem 3000 ECU's.

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ECU Immobilser Code Transfer Clio & Megane (Sagem 3000)

£65.00 exc. VAT    £78.00 inc. VAT   

Immobiliser code transfer service for Clio and Megane Sagem 3000 ECU's.

This service is for those wishing to fit a replacement ECU into their Clio Sport 197 / 200 or Megane Sport 225 / 230 (R26). This could be due to a number of reasons i.e. the ecu has failed or for those carrying out a popular Megane Turbo engine swop into the Clio. (Please note that you require a 2006 onwards Megane ECU if you fitting into a Clio)

We require your original ECU to remove the code and the replacement (you need to send us 2 ECU's) We will then proceed to read the immobiliser code from the old ECU and then write it to the replacement. Once returned its plug and play.

Simply buy this service via our website and send us both ECU's. Turnaround is approx. 2 days and we then ship back to you via your selected service. If its urgent or you wish to call in and use a while u wait service, please contact us before ordering.

Other additional services we can offer:-

File (Map) Transfer - Removes a performance calibration from one ECU and then programmed to another.

Tuner Lock Removal - Some ECU's have been locked by Tuning Companies which prevents further reading and writing of the ECU via OBD. We can remove such locks leaving the performance calibration intact if required or this allows you to have the ECU tuned by another party. **Please note that this service is provided at lower cost if you are having your car tuned in house. **

Factory Software Updates - We can update your ECU to Renaults latest software.

Feature Update - This service is for those that may have standard or performance calibrated ECU's that wish to add or remove certain features. For example an owner with a standard car may wish to improve the cold start or smooth the warm idle. Others with performance calibrations may wish to re-code for use with a steel single mass flywheel to prevent fault codes. Contact us to discuss any requirements.

In House Custom Tuning - Carried out on our dyno (rolling road) to suit your modifications, please see the separate listing on our website.

Feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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