Clio 172 / 182 Custom ECU Tuning (Remap)

Clio 172 / 182 Custom ECU Tuning.

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Clio 172 / 182 Custom ECU Tuning (Remap)

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Custom ECU Tuning is available for all models of Clio 172 / 182 Sports on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Factory fitted Sirius ECU.

The OEM ECU can be tuned to cater for most performance modifications including performance camshafts, Intake and Exhaust changes, Gas flowed cylinder heads, Increased compression ratios and even forced induction i.e. Turbo.

All our tuning is done in house by us on our rolling road with our own specific ecu tools. We do not use generic flash files.

We list our ECU Tuning options in Levels for simplicity of pricing for our customers. Please see the options below:-

LEVEL 1 - A standard base engine with any of following supporting modification's Air Filters, Cat back Exhaust Systems, Decat Pipes, Sports Cats and Matched manifolds.

LEVEL 2 - Any of the level 1 items plus, Performance Camshafts, High compression engines, Aftermarket intake and exhaust manifolds. **Except ITB's (individual throttle bodies)**

LEVEL 3 - Forced Induction e.g. Turbo chargers, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to confirm costs as supplementary parts are required.

Frequently asked questions.

Q) How long does the process take?
A) As an example we would need the car for approx. 1 to 1.5 hours for a Level 1 tune. Level 2 and 3 Tunes take longer, this will be discussed when booking.

Q) What gains can I expect?
A) The gains are reflected on the health of the engine and if you have any supporting modifications fitted. In general we tend to see 7 - 10 BHP increase on standard cars with exhausts and air filters fitted, however we do make gains across the rev range with good improvements at lower rpm also. (See graph pictured)

Q) My car has a running issue, would an ECU remap cure this?
A) The ECU calibration will cure such things a flat spots bought on from exhaust or air intake changes. Other than that the car needs to be in a good state of health, most running issues usually stem from Poor servicing, Incorrect cam Timing, Fuel injectors, Spark plugs or Coil packs. However its probably best to book in for a diagnostic before spending out on parts not needed.

Q) My ECU has been locked in the past by another tuning company, is this an issue?
A) No problem, we can unlock the ECU.

Q) My engine tends to hold back when cold, can this be overcome?
A) Yes, what we don't shout out about enough are the improvements we make outside of the usual performance gains. These include improved engine warm up, idle smoothness and low end torque increase. We can also safely increase the rev limiter and reprogram to extinguish engine management warning lights that may occur when fitting decat pipes or similar.

Q) I have been told that its best if I look into a stand alone ECU solution as the OEM ECU has limitations?
A) The OEM ECU is limited to those that don't know their way around them. Outside of Individual Throttle bodies (ITB's) and extremely high powered forced induction engines there is a good chance the OEM ECU can be tuned by us to provide a good cost effective calibration for your engine without compromise.

Q) How is a custom map carried out?
A) The vehicle is run on the dyno and data is collected, the ecu file is then modified (changes to maps) and the process is repeated until we are happy the calibration is optimised and safe. Various parameter's are monitored during testing including intake temp, Air Fuel Ratio, Fuel / Ignition corrections, Boost Pressure (if applicable) and knock detection. Having such information makes a for a more accurate tune.

Q) Does the factory ECU lose its tune or revert to standard after time?
A) Again this only occurs from poor tuning or lack of knowledge with the OEM ECU. If the ECU is tuned correctly, this wont happen!

Q) Any checks I should carry out before traveling?
A) Please see our "Dyno Page"for more information.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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