Clio Sport Forced Induction Engine Build Pack (Level 2)

Level 2 Engine Build to suit both Turbo or Supercharged Forced induction converted cars.

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Clio Sport Forced Induction Engine Build Pack (Level 2)

£2,994.85 exc. VAT    £3,593.82 inc. VAT £3,203.05 exc. VAT    £3,843.66 inc. VAT

For those unable to get an engine to us to build or simply wish to have a go themselves, we have put together some example packages to get you started.

This kit is aimed at Turbo or Supercharger applications.

Parts included:-
Forged Piston Set
Forged Rod set
Catcam Performance Camshaft Set
Catcams Uprated Valve Springs
Uprated Forged Valve Set (Iconel Exhaust)
MLS Head Gasket / Seal set
Hydraulic Lifter set
ARP Head Stud Set
ARP Main Stud Set
Lower Engine Gasket / seal set
King Racing Big Ends
King Racing Mains
Crankshaft thrust washers
Timing Belt Kit
Oil Pump
Water Pump
High Temperature Engine Sealants

*Choice of any 4 Cylinder forged piston set. Various compression ratios available to suit Turbo charging.

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