Clio Sport Forced Induction Engine Build Pack (Level 1)

Level 1 Engine Build to suit both Turbo or Supercharged Forced induction converted cars.

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Clio Sport Forced Induction Engine Build Pack (Level 1)

£1,727.97 exc. VAT    £2,073.57 inc. VAT £1,898.87 exc. VAT    £2,278.64 inc. VAT

For those unable to get an engine to us to build or simply wish to have a go themselves, we have put together some example packages to get you started.

This kit is aimed at Turbo or Supercharger applications.

Parts included:-
Forged Piston Set
Forged Rod set
MLS Head Gasket / Seal set
Hydraulic Lifter set
Head Bolt Set
Lower Engine Gasket / seal set
King Racing Big Ends
King Racing Mains
Crankshaft thrust washers
Timing Belt Kit
Oil Pump
Water Pump
High Temperature Engine Sealants

*Choice of any 4 Cylinder forged piston set. Various compression ratios available to suit Turbo charging.

Such specification builds have produced around 400 BHP with the correct supporting modifications. Max rev limit of 7500rpm unless upgrading the valve springs.

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