Megane 175 DCi Level 1 Performance ECU Remap

Level 1 Performance ECU Remap for the Megane 175 DCi

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Megane 175 DCi Level 1 Performance ECU Remap

£300.00 exc. VAT    £360.00 inc. VAT   

Developed in house and exclusive to Engine Dynamics, this Level 1 Performance ECU upgrade is a great addition for any DCi 175 owner. Peak Horse Power is increased by around 25 BHP and more importantly torque to is increased across the rev range by 40 - 45 ft lb peak.

An absolute must for those who want a little extra from their car without the need to change parts, leaving their car in standard trim. Also suitable for use with performance exhausts and air filters if you have them fitted.

MPG is also increased by around 10-15%, on tests our own vehicle improved from 38 MPG to 46 MPG* without changing our driving style. This was achieved as the engine produces more torque lower down in the revs and therefore is not working as hard reducing fuel consumption.
Dont take our word for it we guarantee that your MPG will improve on your daily drive.

*Average taken over 3 month period on factory MPG readout.*

This performance upgrade is fitted only at our premises and takes around 2 hours to complete with before and after dyno runs.

Whats carried out:-

1) Firstly the engine is checked over and a diagnostic is performed to make sure no faults are present. A STD base run is carried out on the dyno to check the current performance.
2) The Vehicle is optimised with our ECU software, plus we add any Renault updates if not applied
3) We then road test to check the vehicle throughout the rev range.
4) Colour Dyno plot is printed out for the customer to keep.

Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) removal and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve removal options available, please contact us for details.

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